S1 Ultimate Contrast
S1 Ultimate Contrast

S1 Ultimate Contrast

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Product Name: S1 Ultimate Contrast

Gain:                                                   2.0

Resolution:                                          HD 1080p, 4K Capable

3D Capable:                                        Active Shutter

Color:                                                  Grey Silverish

Apply:                                                  Roll or Spray

Viewing Angle:                                    Wide 150 degree cone

MAP:                                                   $249.00gal / $139.00qt

Exterior MAP:                                      $299.00gal


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Level 7 Shade. This is an awesome high gain screen that really pops! Designed for high ambient light environments. A bright screen with tons of contrast makes this a workhorse for any environmental challenge. Great for vivid home theaters, gamers, and eye-popping applications.