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Projection Screen Paint

.999 Fine Silver, Diamond and Platinum

Paint On Screen uses the finest materials in the world with our exclusive line of real precious metals and diamond screens. We are the worlds only luxury coatings manufacture for projection systems.

Projection Wall and Ceiling

Regular paint can wash out and color tint your projection screen creating undesirable results. Projection rooms need to be color correct and light absorbing to get the best viewing experience. Ultra matte, light absorbing, acoustic dampening and neutral spectral repsonse as well as being durable, environmentally friendly, zero VOC and odor free makes this wall and ceiling coating the only paint for your projection environment. 

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A collection of visual aids and literature detailing performance characteristics and selecting the  right coating.

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Installation, MSDS and Cut Sheets

Find all the information you need here. We provide a complete MSDS, Specification List, Installation guide, Environmental Information and more. 


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