Platinum - There is only one.

Platinum - There is only one.

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There is only one in the world and its name is Platinum. 

By combining our years of technical prowess, our unwavering demand to reach the pinnacle, and our love for true luxury found nowhere else we present to you Platinum. There is only one and it's here.  One of the most visually stunning projection screens available, Platinum is the pinnacle of brightness, clarity, and contrast. It's beautifully vibrant and vivid. 

Platinum is designed to lay super smooth and provide an easy install. With real platinum at the micron level, this coating is the most luxurious enhancement to any visual entertainment. 

This formulation includes the .999 fine silver and Diamond base and adds the real Platinum to achieve a luster and visual splendor seen nowhere else. 

Gain: 2.0

Color: white silver

Zero VOC / Ultra Low Odor

Must be sprayed.