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Ambient Light Rejection and Acoustic Dampening are Important Elements for Any Projection Room or Studio. 

A quality projection screen will reject ambient light and bounce most of the light from the projector back to the viewer. Did you know that your walls and ceiling can do the same?  The light that scatters off the screen bounces onto the adjacent walls and ceiling creating a halo around your screen. This halo causes what's known as "washout" on your projection screen. The light around your screen reduces perceived image contrast and leads to eye fatigue as you squint or use excessive pupil constriction. 


wall and eye fatigue

The image above is an example of projected light coming off the projection screen and bouncing onto the wall and ceiling. Those surfaces are creating more ambient light and reducing contrast. 


Studio Color Correction

Professional editing has always about achieving a baseline and creating an effect. 

Ambient light off walls and ceilings will carry the hue or color of those walls. This hue can, in turn, tint the projected image on the projection screen. Color shift, as it is called, directly affects your projector's percieved color reproduction. 

Control Contrast and Ambient light to make your images pop and allow your eyes to soak up the details. 

 Acoustic Dampening

 We use a specialized filler to "fluff" the coating. This process not only greatly expands the coating with micro pockets but enhances light absorption. This coating is unlike anything out there. Wall and Ceiling can be rolled or sprayed and leaves a silky smooth finish. It's designed specifically to stop light from bouncing off of walls and ceilings making your image sharper, brighter and with greater contrast. 

Description: Our Wall and Ceiling coatings have a noticeable ability to absorb room echoes and eliminate most 1st phase bounce in a typical 4 wall theater environment.

STC RATING:   +5.0 
Description: Using Wall and Ceiling coatings will add +5 noise reduction to applied materials according to STC standards.  ( 125 - 4000 Hz )

 It's completely organic composition, zero VOC, and easy to apply. 

All Wall and Ceiling coatings can be rolled or sprayed.

Rolling Instructions: Use a 3/8" nap roller and apply generously. Allow to completely dry before recoat. Apply 2 coats. 

Spraying Instructions: Use a 317 tip. Approx 60 - 80 psi ( 4 - 5 bar )

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