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Projection Screen Paint designed for active 3d systems and able to shine in a well-lit area, this coating delivers high-gain superior clarity with 4K ready smooth coating technology. The most versatile product in the Paint On Screen lineup. 

Product Name: 3D4K

Gain:                                                2.4

Resolution:                                     HDR 1080p, 4K Ultra Ready

3D Capable:                                   Active Shutter

Coverage                                       170sqft Gallon / 40sqft Quart

Color:                                             Light Grey Silver
Apply:                                            Roll or Spray

Viewing Angle:                              160-degree viewing cone


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Living Room Wall to Home Theater! Bigger is Better! Paint On Screen makes it easy to transform any wall, ceiling, floor, dome, window, building, or other surfaces into a beautiful and extremely effective HD projection screen. Often times our customers will paint the entire wall or just the screen size with a painted border or frame.

The primary use for projection screen paint is your own tv, media, or theater room. It is extremely easy to apply, inexpensive, and delivers stunning results. Projection screen paint is a no wires, no mess, create any size in any type of environment solution to Ultra HD projection.

A bigger image makes it easier to see all the HD detail in BluRay and 1080p HD video. Visual teaching aids, gamers, designers, and enthusiasts all agree that a bigger, brighter image is the way to go


Creating Unique Commercial Solutions for Clients. Paint On Screen provides solutions for the entire large media sector. Cost savings are easily seen by operations such as schools, churches, convention centers, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants and sports bars, arenas, large venues, stage productions, and more.

Improve your productivity by providing a visually stunning, dynamic working environment. Paint On Screen is a cost-effective way to upgrade theaters to 3D systems

Create interactive banners, wall displays, special advertising effects, and eye-catching window displays all of which are possible in 3D. Paint On Screen is a single coat application; no top and/or bottom coats and is the only solution based on SID, IDMS, and ICDM color standards.

Why Is Paint On Screen A Great Solution?

  • Paint On Screen has superior contrast and visual depth compared to vinyl or material screens.
  • Paint On Screen is a patent-pending formulation of compounds developed through extensive research.
  • Paint On Screen provides a flat spectral response eliminating image color shift.
  • Paint On Screen is formulated on an absolute neutral grayscale.
  • Paint On Screen eliminates 4:3, 16:9, 1.78:1, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 masking problems.
  • Paint On Screen can clearly represent pixel resolution up to 4K Ultra HD in under 80" diagonal.
  • Paint On Screen costs hundreds less than any other solution.
  • Paint On Screen is very easy to apply. One application with no special mixing or tools.
  • Paint On Screen lasts a lifetime and can be wiped clean and painted over if needed.


Gain, Contrast, Ambient Light Rejection, Resolution, Uniformity, and Flat Spectral Response all play an important part in image clarity. No other product, in any form, performs to a higher standard than Paint On Screen. It was conceived as an easy roll-on or spray solution that manages each variable of video projection. It became a calculated formula that maximizes pixel definition, provides perfect uniformity, introduces zero color shift or tinting all while rejecting specular and diffused reflection (also known as ambient light) with its inherent layering technology.

Because of the unique structural properties of the compounds formed in Paint On Screen, light passes through leafed and channeled "mirrors", allowing the screen to intensify and return radiant pictures that surpass the best of conventional screens. These channeled mirrors are so small that only the light defined by the pixel is returned to the viewer thus producing a razor-sharp image.

Paint On Screen uses a specialized and highly refined silver metallic base to ensure pixel clarity, sharpness, and uniform brightness. Our silver is known for being the most contrast-boosting and color-enhancing material of any screen type.

The advantages of having a permanent painted screen are obvious. A screen that doesn't flex or roll up allows for the perfect light-producing structures to form. In order to achieve the highest resolution, your image support must be very rigid. Slight curves and even unperceived unequal tension will cause less than desirable uniformity and thus reduce pixel clarity and resolution. Using paint instead of traditional vinyl material is the only way to ensure a perfect picture.

Why A Painted Static Screen Out Performs A Roll-Up Screen?

  • Any screen that rolls up changes its structural surface area and loses its performance level quickly.
  • A painted screen is not susceptible to damage as with a flexible cloth/material screen. Digital Screen Paint can be wiped clean with no loss of performance. In the event that the screen is damaged, you can always apply a fresh new coat for a brand new finish!
  • Paint On Screen costs hundreds less than even entry-level theater screens and outperforms the most expensive.

Projection Screen Paint is very good at:

  • Boosting Contrast
  • Adding Depth to Images
  • Liquefying Blacks
  • Eliminating Hotspots
  • Expanding Viewing Angle
  • Rejecting Ambient Light

Projection Screen Paint Offers:

  • 4K Ultra HD Compatible
  • 160 Degree Wide Axis Viewing
  • Active 3D Retention

Ever noticed that no matter what screen size you go with you have format issues switching from TV to HDTV, DVD to Cinema Wide? One traditional hanging screen cannot display all these different formats without cropping, distorting, or very expensive masking.

A paint-on projection screen eliminates all aspect ratio formatting and masking problems. Traditional screens have such a pronounced edge that with any change in the format a very noticeable gap or spacial difference is obvious.

Paint On Screen uses a specialized and highly refined silver metallic base to ensure pixel clarity, sharpness, and uniform brightness. Our silver is known for being the most contrast-boosting and color-enhancing material of any screen type.

Aspect Ratio:

With a projection screen paint, you no longer have to worry about image bleeding, aspect changes from TV to DVD or expensive masking systems. You are now free to design/build without traditional screen size restrictions.

With a traditional static, manual or electric screen you would need different masking configurations to accommodate all film aspect ratio formats. Any type of border can be used or no border at all.


  • Start by determining the distance needed to project the desired size screen allowable by your projector.
  • Outline the maximum size your projected image can occupy.
  • Mark the borders of the screen with blue painter's tape. (optional)
  • Apply two (2) Light Coats.
  • Let dry between each coat.
  • Paint within the lines! It's that easy.

Helpful Hints:

  • Paint on Screen can be applied to any smooth surface. A smoother surface will yield higher image quality. It is an extremely easy product to use and provides a stunning visual impact.
  • If placing on a wall that has already been painted, prepare the area to be painted with light sanding and primer.
  • Give the screen area two light coats to ensure even distribution.
  • You can choose to use any type of border you want. A flat black stained trim of any style can be used for a more classic look while some opt not to use any border for an invisible modern look.
  • Digital theatre paint can be used on vaulted ceilings, family rooms with hidden electronics, media rooms, 3D gaming rooms, simulators, anywhere.